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Athletik Performance Studio Benefits

      • Personal trainers sensitive to your individual training requirements.
      • Private training facility with focus on individual member needs.
      • Certified fitness instructors dedicated to improving your health.
      • Guaranteed results when you follow the program we build for you.
      • Complete programs designed for your body’s requirements.
      • Boot camps, workshops, classes and 1 on 1 fitness appointments.

What Our Health & Fitness Members Say

“I have had trainers in the past. I have done bootcamps in the past. I have had physical therapists when needed. Luis Morales and his team of dedicated, knowledgeable trainers are the best, times 10, bar none. I have been going to bootcamp since mid May this year and have never had results this good or lasting. Every bump or difficulty in the road was met with interest, assistance and continued encouragement. I have come to enjoy my workout buddies just as much, and enjoy every bit of their progress as if it were my own. I am a female, over 50.”
L. Puente, Trained by Luis Morales
“I had been out of the fitness/health world for far too long. I was tired of being tired and feeling lethargic and unmotivated, I met with Lou at the end of June and started working on my movement, moved into boot camps in August, ran my first 5K in August and another one in September!!!! It is a wonderfully fun environment!!! Everyone there is super positive and supportive, Lou is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to the body and movement….. I feel like a new person and it’s only been 3 1/2 months :)
Holly Hand, Trained by Luis Morales


Custom weight loss programs designed specifically for your body type. Everyones needs are different. Get a tailored program that works.


A to Z we’ll discuss your daily life routine and implement the necessary changes to get you on track to a healthier lifestyle.


Specific sport conditioning to rehabilitation requirements from sports related injuries, we’ve got your back.


Simple body toning to massive muscle bulking. We’ve created hundreds of dynamic workout programs.